Complaining about the weather is so tedious, but seriously? Fuck you, weather, with your day of rain in the middle of a cold spell. Trying to rush to a bus when the sidewalks have seemingly been zambonied is a nightmare, particularly after a very long day at work.

Even though it was long, it wasn’t terrible. An ice storm keeps crowds away, even the ridiculously outdoorsy types who come to see this festival every year, so we had about 80-90 free seats at Banff last night. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, the almost 600 people who did show up ate a possibly record-breaking amount of popcorn. The team did admirably under the circumstances, but it really felt never (ever) ending at times. Outdoorsy types, eh? They just never stop eating because they totally skied 80km this morning before biking to work from Kingston in the sleet.

I’m so tired that I’d cling onto this thing for dear life so that I wouldn’t have to stand. However, owing to the madness of yesterday, I suppose I should make an effort to get in early and actually get some of my ‘normal’ work accomplished. So I will leave this entry as boring as can be and hope for great inspiration tomorrow.

Oh, but if anyone’s recently won a lottery and wants to buy me a present? I’d love a pair of these. Size 10.

Oscar nominations. Nowish.

3 thoughts on “Tedium.

  1. Jackie

    I don’t blame you on the Fluevogs. I have these and they are my favourite boots ever.

    If you do stumble into a bag of money, get them, because those are styled such that they will be wearable for years, and Fluevogs are so well-made. I’m betting you wouldn’t regret it.

  2. Jackie

    In case that wasn’t clear, like SO MANY statements I barf out onto the internet, I’m advocating for getting the ones YOU want, not telling you to get the same ones I have. That would be creepy and more controlling than I have the energy for.

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