Telling a story.


Pretty sure that I woke up with a WTF look on my face: In my dream, a friend was telling me that another friend was planning an intervention about my weight. The Interventionist friend is a recovery bulimic, so that was especially galling to me (in the dream).

Speaking of food and health and all that fun stuff, I made these brownies last night and they are quite good. They might sound a bit odd, but I’m all for adding protein and fibre to chocolate things to prevent awful sugar crashes. I did reduce the sugar because, well, that’s a hell of lot. I don’t do artificial sweeteners, so I might try applesauce or adding a banana for a bit of sweetness if I make this recipe again, and/or figure out a way to incorporate coconut milk or oil for a bit of healthy fat.

Speaking of healthy fat (in two different ways), Vegan Heathen Lent has led to some unusual food combinations as I try to sate cravings. New favourite? Falafel with guacamole.

Gawd, how dull am I this morning? I’m off for a run shortly, so let’s leave this as a stop-gap entry, shall we? What a let down for my 150th entry in a row, eh?

Here are some of the most awkward cat sleeping positions.

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