#100BM Day 100

I keep such poor track of things that it being Day 100 probably isn’t quite correct. That’s pretty sad.

But my experiment in trying to embrace the non-extremes of the internet is over. I’m still tired of people only showing their best (an epically good selfie chosen over 800 lesser attempts, praise (self- or otherwise), photos of pets in rare moments of good behaviour), and worst (horrendous customer service experiences, pictures of sick animals and people, self-serving, sympathy-seeking self-deprecation).

And I share all of those things, but try not make it all I am online-wise.* If everyone only did all those things to present their public internet selves, that would be exhausting and phony as fuck. And the internet is increasingly exhausting and less genuine. Help keep it a little bit boring and human. That’s the bread and butter of life itself, and the internet should reflect a little more humanity and far fewer exclamatory Buzzfeed or otherwise clickbaity nonsense.

Except I totes just got Casey in this quiz, so sometimes it’s OK that we’ve just got to suck it up, horseshit-wise.

(You’re welcome.)

* I’m mostly about trying to be wittily quippy on Twitter and writing poorly thought-out, written on-the-fly, and not-at-all edited blog entries, right?

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