Tess McGill.


Feeling a mite better this morning, probably due to factors like a) going to pub quiz (and being around people), b) winning pub quiz, c) having my first porch beer of the year, and d) getting to eat homemade marmalade this morning, courtesy of Jackie, who mailed the delicious nectar to Ottawa last week.

I’m going to try to throw myself into my work this week a bit. I worked a 75% week last week time-wise (there were managers in all day, so ‘babysitting the building’ was taken care of, and our bookkeepers away, so stuff like box office reports were less pressing), but I don’t want that level to become normal. I’m also thinking more about skill-building, maybe by taking courses in Archive and Records Management at Algonquin or some other practical thing related to my interests, so that I can either flee the cinematorium, gun for a giant raise and different responsibilities (a possibility open to me since The Big Boss is moving back to Canada this summer), or at least be skilled enough at *something* to do some freelancing work (writing? research? what?).

I do like my job, mostly, but I probably need more challenges that aren’t broken popcorn machine-related. I also need to get out and meet more folks in the ‘industry’, or, at least, make better connections within it. But first I need to concentrate on being (even more) stellar in my present responsibilities.

Now, to compensate for such a profoundly dull entry (I spent some time wrestling with previously-frozen-inside-and-out garbage can half-full of water (and some garbage) this morning and feel slightly shell-shocked as a result), here is a picture of Hamish, a very happy fatcat, in a sunbeam on the back porch. It was 25C yesterday, which is kinda criminal for March.

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