That band with Frankie? And Rochelle?


#100BM Day 76 – 2

Missed yesterday. Worked a long, very weird day with a film festival that no one attended. I know why it didn’t go well, but here is not the place to discuss. It was sad and very, very awkward and involved a phalanx of salsa dancers. I think I said ‘poor bastard’ more times last night than I had in my whole previous existence.

Today, I slept in, ran errands, did laundry, studied a bit for the World Quizzing Championships, watched Eurovision, and probably ate too much considering I am supposed to running a very long way tomorrow morning. In 12 hours, I hope I to be halfway (at least?) through a half-marathon. I hope I sleep OK. I hope I don’t hurt myself. I hope I can find Chris and David after the race (they will be finishing well ahead of me because they are a) better runners b) using lungs that aren’t clogged with pollen).

I have a teeny bottle of 25-year-old Highland Park I’ve been saving for a special occasion. We can split it after the race.

Also, in case she finds my blog again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL. We have known each other for nearly thirty years (we met in winter 1986) and have birthdays two days apart and she is great.

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