The 80s (and beyond).


Spent much of today on my couch watching the ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ marathon on Space, first season episodes I haven’t seen since I was in Girl Guides (it was on in syndication around the same time as I had to leave for meetings, so I often missed the endings).

Obviously, it has not been a terribly fruitful day, though I did finally fix a mangled Muppet sea monster of yarn I bought, and turned into a giant knot, finish an unrelated hat, and wash a load of laundry. Trying to summon the ambition to chuck the latter in the dryer.

It’s been pretty much go go go for the last three weeks, so being sluggish/useless on a snowy day is not a terrible thing.

Oddly, though, in the last 16 hours or so, I have seen character actor Lawrence Tierney in two things, a ‘TNG’ and the first ‘Seinfeld’ I had watched from start to finish in about ten years. Yesterday, I didn’t know his name, so, hey, I learned something. And also found out that he only made that one appearance on ‘Seinfeld’ because he was terrifyingly bonkers/drunk on set. Yikes.

Right, time to bust into more leftover Christmas wine (that shit won’t drink itself) and make a hat for me (finally).

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