The ancients.


#100BM Day 59

One can try to be helpful, but ultimately, explaining to a stranger’s grandmother that, no, this is not your beloved progeny’s progeny’s email address for the fourth time* is pointless and all the lovely messages about being so proud of this stranger, and missing her, will get filed to some grouchy, grandmotherless person’s spam folder.

Sorry, other Megan.**

Unless, of course, you are purposely withholding your real email address from your Nana Jan, in which case, BOOOOO. You have caused me (minor) inconvenience for YEARS, lady.

*“But this has been our Megan’s email address for years!” Nope.

** Yep, this person’s name is also Megan, which is odd because the email address in question online uses my first initial and last name. The hell?

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