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I’m getting bored with myself, and my food. Another lame night’s sleep, though this time it was largely Hamish’s fault; he decided that the food I gave him last night wasn’t good enough, so started his breakfast campaign at 12:30am.

Seriously. What the hell, cat.

He continued this campaign on and off, using his best Siamese whine at the bottom of the stairs for maximum loudness/echo, until I gave in at 5:30.

I also had more dreams about running out of food, and breaking my nightguard by grinding it into pieces.

I’m not going to go through my food as specifically for Day 2 as I did for Day 1, because it’s basically identical. I made a bigger batch of oatmeal with brown sugar, coconut, and raisins (breakfast plus evening snack) for 35¢, had a double-batch of the lunchy lentil soup for 34¢, and Monday’s dinner plus a few generous tablespoons of crushed tomato (which I will not bother with if I do this challenge again) for 47¢.

I had three cups of 4¢ not-tea.

Also, terrible confession, I thoughtlessly ate a leftover Easter egg (one of those waxy, cheap ones too). Let’s call that 5¢.

So $1.35 for the day.

Obviously not enough food. My stomach ached when I went to bed, and continued to do so for much of the night. I had to sleep on my belly (which is not usual) to calm it down.

Started today by trying to turn my oatmeal into pancakes, with the addition of a banana.

It sort of worked.

Overcooked slightly on purpose to caramelise the banana a bit.

Overcooked slightly on purpose to caramelise the banana a bit.

In other news, I do not understand the recipes in this article about Live Below the Line. How is anyone doing this going to afford Napa cabbage or two cups of spinach for one serving of one meal?

Canada in spring is not the place to get cheap produce. It just isn’t. We have one growing season. The rest of the year, vegetables come from very far away. While Mark Brand’s work with the disadvantaged in Vancouver is commendable, I still call bullshit.

Possibly because I’m still hangry.

Now to pack up more soup and oatmeal for lunch. Going to make something falafel-like for supper (fauxlafel?), I think. I hope I have the energy to do so.

Why the hell am I starving myself on purpose? Not for bikini season, I’ll tell ya that.

I’m raising money for Make Poverty History through the Live Below the Line challenge. For five days (today is day 3), I am living under the poverty line (food-wise, at least), spending no more than $1.75 a day. To sponsor me, and support an organization working to fight extreme poverty in Canada and around the world, click here.

Thank you to ALL you have been supportive either financially or just by ‘you go girl’ing it at me. Richard offered to sell me an egg yesterday when I was at his place, because he had concerns. Sweet, but unnecessary. Nearly halfway done. The pancakes weren’t enough. Gonna try to squeeze a wee serving of more oatmeal out of my supplies so I have the energy for a rainy bike ride to work.

Addendum. I still have half my sugar and more than half my ginger left, so the not-tea is probably more like 2¢ a cup. Whoops.

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