The Chronicles of Narnia.


Day 4 of #100BM

Today was great. Lazy morning, good lunch, leisurely, yet speedy, ride home where no one mocked my music. Now going attempt a tricky bit of knitting (part of a CHRISTMAS PRESENT, because I am Suzan’s daughter after all) while also attempting (again) to give a shit about hockey.

So, basically, fuck writing for the time being. There are some photos of epic bike adventures yesterday on Instagram (douche alert). I would maybe like to live on Betty’s patio. No, no, definitely at the Purple Purl. Agh, this is all too happy, isn’t it?

Got home to find out the ‘fixed’ dryer is not, so that’s shitty. And tomorrow I have to go to work. And I now have cramps. Balance reachieved.

Here is me and Hamish about five minutes after I got home.

He wasn’t mad. He just doesn’t like grandma kisses or getting his photo taken.

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