The Darkness.


I’m just another idiot on the internet, but I am getting sick to death of idiots on the internet. The CBC just got rid of comments on questions about indigenous issues because the racism from the general internet populace was appalling and disturbing.

I wish all websites would do this.

And, of course, that people on the web in general would think before they spoke, acted, or made themselves the world’s leading authority on everything.

Or, y’know, three shitty night’s sleep, the early sunsets, and a(n already) long work week are getting to me.*

Did you know that some European peasants used to hibernate? Well, not like a bear getting months of uninterrupted slumber, but yeah, when the fields were frozen over and food was scarce, taking to bed for most of the day for weeks at a time seems like a pretty good idea. I think I know what I’m doing with February.

*I did watch a good movie today, though. Probably the biggest laugh from the 400+ crowd came from a teacher finally admitting ‘I did not long for anyone’s death today’. I guess the dark season is already getting to a lot of people.

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