The Duke Silver Trio and the Maid of Tarth.


Had another day of Mindy Kaling’s book title-inspired angst yesterday. Slightly worried that this is happening more often than it used to (especially since I went out two nights in a row thsi week), but I’m blaming PMS (for now) and the fact that I’m been eating pretty terribly lately (see comment about PMS) and not really exercising very challengingly lately. My commutes have been meandery rather than rushed, particularly since we are just coming off a really cruel, go-outside-and-burst-into-flame, kind of heatwave. No real adrenaline involved.
To cheer myself up because I can’t afford to fly across the ocean this year for the Edinburgh Fringe, I’m going to Montréal for a couple of days next week (only staying over one night, so I’m splurging (a bit) on a nice hotel – this is the longest time I’ve spent in Montréal since some time in the 1980s, I think), seeing three Just for Laughs shows, and having lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in over a year. ON A WEEKDAY. I’m taking a day off that isn’t actually a holiday! It’s been a very, very long time since I did that. Criminally long. I think I’m going to take every second Friday off until the end of summer.

(To the Just for Laughs web folk: Cut it out with the cutesy ‘ha! that’s not a real fly buzzing around your monitor, it’s part of the fun of Flash!’ bullshit and make a site that works and lets you buy tickets without timing out. Gawd.)

In actuality, if my boss wasn’t on holiday this week, I probably could have taken this whole week off of work too. There’s not really enough for me to do, so I’m working about six hours a day instead of eight, and those six hours aren’t necessarily full. Today will be different, as Thursdays are full of stuff to do to prep for the weekend (it’s Thursday, right?), but I do feel like an asshole for how little I got accomplished this week. I should have at least cleaned up my desk.

In between tracking down movies, doing trailer inventories, and setting up appointments for more photography students (seriously, I think half the SPAO has done their ‘architectural study’ projects in the cinema sometimes), and starting research for our fall schedule today, I will be checking in on reaction to Emmy nominations. I don’t watch a huge amount of television, but I’m hoping for a surprise nomination for Gwendoline Christie. I also want Nick Offerman to get a nod, and then win, because he’s wonderful and doesn’t actually ‘put a great deal of stock in art trophies’ (there’s a NSFW, but quite hilarious, photo at that link).

No valuable or instructive insights this morning, so I’m going for a run.

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