The Furies.


It’s one of those mornings when I wish that a) buying a daily newspaper was in the budget, b) we had a local newspaper worth the trees it was printed on, and c) I could break the habit of checking in on social media first thing in the morning because I am tired of clickbaity HORSESHIT parading as news and otherwise intelligent people communicating solely in memes, feel-goodery animal videos, and listicles.

An old-school message board I belong to (which I hope is undergoing a renaissance) has a new thread about missing the ‘old’ internet. And do miss it. In-depth discussions. One-on-one interaction without fear of dick pics or a replies consisting entirely of emojis. Sharing useful information that wasn’t distilled through 72 sources before becoming a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ quiz on Buzzfeed.

Yeah, I think it’s time for another Facebook timeout.

(NB I do post a lot of nonsense on Twitter, so I am also a hypocrite.)

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