The gift.


Approximately three days a month, my IQ plummets, and my luck seems to change, and I just feel like the universe is kicking me. My car wouldn’t start! I had to go to the cash & carry on my bike! I bought too much stuff in boxes to fit in my shopping panniers and backpack! The store staff didn’t have any plastic bags! I had to dump boxes of Nibs into the corners of my bags so I could get everything to work! When I got to work, no one was there! My boss’s wife called and I didn’t know where he was until she said he might still be at a press launch! (At least I wasn’t supposed to be there? I could have fucked that up too.) And, nearly worst of all, I forgot my lunch!

Then things sorta settled for a few hours, after I whined muchly (again) about why uteruses can so easily bust brains. Finished an irritating layout. Explained to the projectionist how I solved a few technical issues yesterday. Finished the New York Times Sudoku in under 4 minutes (yes, at the easy level, shush). Hung out with R. on his last cat-free day. Watched exceptional eps of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, ‘Fargo’, and ‘Bob’s Burgers’. Ate pizza. Drank wine. Relaxed. Biked home.

As I was locking up my steed in the garage, though, I realised that my panniers (seen here in a file photo – it did not snow today) were just sitting on my rack, unclipped. I forgot to fasten them in any way. And biked almost 5km home.

Good news is, they didn’t fall off. And even if they did, there was nothing in them to damage. But still, damn. I had been almost doing so well.

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