The KLF.


#100BM Day 57

I can’t seem to get through a night anymore without bolting awake at 3am. I’m not sure if you know this, but if you work a day job, 3am is exactly the best time to be sleeping. So, yeah, I’ve been running at about 1/4 speed lately. I was slightly better yesterday as I got about 8 hours (finally, despite the 3am horseshit), but I totally ran out of steam around 8:30pm.

Maybe I should go camping and be lit only by the light of the moon or something for a few days to reset everything. But I like running water and WiFi and a proper roof.

In other mundane, repetitive news, some numpty is scanning documents and emailing them to me instead of to himself. I’ve had eight messages so far ‘from’ my email address in the last five minutes. Poor stupid bastard.

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