The level.


White knuckling it through decreasing my coffee consumption to one (big) cup a day in the morning because a) I’ve 100% been depending on it to stay upright lately and b) it can’t be helping my many sleep woes.

It is day 3.

I have a massive headache, but I would have had a headache anyway because I’m allergic to fall. If anything, the decrease in caffeine has made me loopier, a tinge hyper, and MUCH less focused, which is frighteningly unideal when I have about 19 deadlines to get through this week, but instead am gawping at Scott Speedman and getting weird about picking fonts for an in-office spreadsheet that only the projectionist and I will see (and he doesn’t give a shit about typefaces). Oh, and hastily writing a blog post at work rather than working. Whoops.

One problem dissipates (a bit) and another exacerbates.

Have I mentioned my language skills suffering? ‘Cause that’s a thing too.

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