The Morning After.


Well, I escaped the work Christmas party with only a headache and a sore throat for my efforts (the pub quiz generated A LOT of trash talking I had to shout over), so I consider that a victory of sorts.  The headache was more the result of mixing (beer, whisky, and gin & tonics? What was I thinking?!) more than excess. It does take quite a lot of booze to get me properly drunk and hungover. I can’t afford that, really, either health or money-wise.

A great time was had by most, if not all. My Secret Santa got me a new set of wooden tipped travelling chopsticks and a mint Ritter Sport and I scored two bottles of wine from the White Elephant-ish thing the boss set up for staff gifts.

My friend R wore a really suave suit, which yielded comments from almost everyone, including a mightily inebriated woman, married to one of our delivery people, who stopped him no fewer than three times to tell him how good he looked. She also tackled him with a drunken bear hug on her way out, while her husband rolled his eyes and kept walking. Hilarious. I wonder if she remembers.

The quiz was fun. I made it a bit easier this year, but there were still complaints; except for from the team that got 41 out 49 (yes, I made an addition mistake when I was compiling the thing). They were so loud and obnoxious on their victory that one of them (a former staffer) was (jokingly) banned by the boss from attending next year.

Anyway, this was the first year that I had to do quite a lot of research for the pub quiz (this was my third year doing this – all the knowledge that normally resides in my brain has been used up). Some things I learned:

1. Sherwood Schwartz would like to see Michael Cera play Gilligan should ‘Gilligan’s Island’ ever be made into a film.

2. 8 out of the Top 10 films at the North American box office (so far) this year are aimed at children or teenagers. (The only ones not are Iron Man 2 and Inception.)

3. The Blues Brothers held the record for most cop crashes in a single film (30), a record smashed by its sequel by (IIRC) a zillion times (approximately).

4. Cedric Gibbons, the man who designed the Oscar statuette, won 11 Academy Awards in the course of his career as an art director and was nominated for 28 more.

Yeah, so that last one actually came from an episode of ‘QI’ that I rewatched recently. Research is hard, yo.

After the party, we went to ‘our’ bar for last call. Our cab driver was so excited to have a fare on a rainy Sunday night in Ottawa (aka Dullsville) that he cranked up the Lebanese dance music (providing a translation, in rhyme, to Richard, who was sitting in the front seat) and created a faux strobe effect with the overhead light. Sounds dangerous, but I’d rather that then a cabbie who simultaneously talks on two cell phones. K and I laughed until we couldn’t speak.

Okay, so maybe I was drunker than I thought and this malaise I’ve been blaming on tiredness might be somehow related to that. Shuddup.

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