The Silly Season.


I might be the boss (kinda), but in many ways I am pretty superfluous this week. I’ve made it a goal to be here for no more than 35 hours this week (since I don’t get an actual vacation), but I am starting to think that if I make it to 30, it will be a miracle.

In THEORY, I could be doing a number of boring tidying or organization-related tasks, but yeah, I’m not. Even the shipping ‘crisis’ this week has been resolved and requires no effort on my part at all. So far today, I’ve signed paycheques, sorted mail, answered some emails, and…well, I guess I’ll go turn the butter machine on and tweet about today’s show times? And then, hm, I guess I could start updating the website for February? Yeah, I don’t know.

I would like the universe to note that this does not mean I want crises or sudden onslaughts of terrible things. No no no. I want to revel (in a bored fashion) in not doing much. So I can reminisce when the cinema world revives in the coming weeks and I’m run off my feet again.

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