The soul of wit.


This morning’s entry, for Day 3 of 100 of Benign Mundanity, is perhaps TOO happy. Will have to work on this.

The drive West and South went really well, aside from the usual near-deadly incidents with 18-wheelers that we’ve all come to expect/manage on the 401. Those things really should come with turn signals.

I was traded off to Jackie in a parking lot near where the 401 and 404 meet. I hope this is the most human trafficky thing that every happens to me.

At Jackie’s, in the Distillery District (if only there were still one to visit, eh?), caffeinating before we hit the road (and trail). Mm. Caffeine.

Breakfast is ~8km away, in the Beaches.

Then we come back into town to hit various patios and places that serve tortillas with stuff in/on them.

Sounds like an ideal Saturday.

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