The Subsect.


The first day of Vegan Heathen Lent ended with my wandering the Boozerie trying to find a wine that wasn’t made with the use of bones, egg, or bits of fish. It’s surprisingly tricky, even though there is at least one excellent resource on the subject, because most of my cheap-but-drinkable favourites aren’t listed or turned out to have big hunks of pork in ’em.

Then I ate my weight in spaghetti with leftover jarred sauce. Classy.

Today is oatmeal with coconut milk, chili with cheapo guacamole, and ??? day. Friday is tv catchup night (and cat snorgle times, if Mac‘ll let me) and I get to ask some nice Lebanese men if their falafel has egg in them.

I really am irresistible.

See? It’s all just food. I will make more interesting things in the coming days. Probably starting with this one tomorrow.

Today’s guess as to the last four words of Gilmore Girls:

EXT. Town Square. Lorelai and Rory shift their shotguns back onto their backs and look over the smoking ruins of Stars Hollow, satisfied that, finally, no one is left. It begins to snow. Lorelai smiles.

More like ‘Apocalypse Yesterday’.

Lorelai nudges Rory, who rolls her eyes, but links arms with her elated mother as they walk away to the strummy la-las of their perfect, dystopian world, towards their sleigh, pulled by the battle-weary Cletus and Desdemona, laden with all the coffee collected from their final raid on Luke’s Diner.


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