The Wallace/Wallenchinsky Clan.


List time. I’m trying to think in lists because it’s a trivia day (a race for second place, because Paul Paquet can compete in this one).

Realisations this week:

  1. I’m getting to another ‘Am I of different species?’ stages. I’m delighted in my achievements about disregarding thinness as a virtue, but (almost) everyone around me is digging deeper to lose weight. It’s very frustrating. I want my friends to be happy with who they are now, not focused on something that may or may not be relevant to their health.
  2. My cat is starting to act old in more obvious ways, like walking upstairs pretty slowly. Maybe I can pretend that it’s just the heat making him logey a little bit longer.
  3. An ice cream bar is a perfectly acceptable dinner when it’s 40C with the humidex.
  4. This is a compelling book. I was going to read it anyway, but the Katie Holmes thing pushed it to the top of the must-read list. I’m into the 1986 coup and resulting purges right now.
  5. Relatedly, the timing on this movie’s release is pretty fortuitous. I can’t wait to see it.
  6. Short hair is much cooler, but I’m having trouble figuring how much goo I need to put in it to keep the cowlick at bay without my hair feeling grody and crunchy.
  7. I’m pretty sure the sub chiropractor (well, he’s a partner in the practice, just not my usual guy) is several years younger than I am. Healthcare professionals younger than I am are still a bit alarming to me, thought not as much as very youthful police officers.
  8. I will never be as awesome as the guys who pulled this off.
  9. Textbook feminists probably don’t think much of me, judging by a couple of by-proxy arguments I’ve heard of lately.
  10. A coffee would be nice about now, so I’m gonna go make some.

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