The Watch.


#100BM Day 98

Was so excited not to have any plans this weekend. Was not anticipating eating something disagreeable that put me out of action for most of this lovely, not-too-hot day. Not details, but I spent most of this afternoon in child’s pose on bed in my bedroom, which is conveniently next to the bathroom.

Rallied a bit this evening, but only enough to, like, eat some plain-ish pasta and watch the finale of ‘Games of Thrones’. There was an excellent spoiler fake-out on the internet this week (chuckling to myself over the possibility that smug 4chan gits who ‘figured it out’ are pouting and swearing right now) and two unexpected deaths in tonight’s episode. A huge plotline is now done? It’s very confusing. And I feel like two of the big ‘twists’ tonight happened in book three or four?

Anyway, they are still keeping me guessing/depressed/angry, so I will keep watching. In, like, a year.

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