The West London suburbs.


#100BM Day 10

Just a short one today. Watched The World’s End last night, which was highly entertaining, but also so reminiscent of the Brentford Trilogy that I want to spend today rereading that. I wonder if Robert Rankin’s work will ever be filmed. Maybe he’s not interested in that kind of thing, but it would be fun.

However, instead, I will start, in earnest, some kind of studying thing for next week’s World Quizzing Championships, outside, of course, because bloody hell, it’s a frickin’ nice day. Will I manage to finish in the top 10% globally this year?*

Other ‘highlights’ that might punctuate my day: Returning empties to the Beer Store, going for a run (perhaps truncated because of yesterday’s non-sexual Earth moving) once the sun isn’t directly overhead, making soup for this week’s lunches, and washing/changing my bedsheets.

This is living!

*Who the fuck knows.

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