Them! With fur!


100BM Day 51

My sleep has been shit for weeks. I didn’t sleep in past about 7:30 while on vacation, and never slept through the night. I blamed the antihistamines I was taking, but things haven’t really changed since I got back thanks to anxious dreams and a bastard cat.

In my dreams last night, I was sleeping in a parking lot at TD Bank (as I am wont to do?) and saw a parade of raccoons walking along a Hydro* line (can they even do that?), and perhaps even sliding down it(?), with tiny puppies in their mouths.

The raccoons had moved on from raiding compost bins to STEALING BABY DOGS.

When I hightailed it home, a neighbour’s creature (I assume), a Spuds Mackenzie clone, had been left in my front hall for safe-keeping.

Hamish was nowhere to be found.

Fucking cat has always been useless against vermin.

I sense a horror movie script in the making…from the 1950s.

Off to eat scones, then go to a football (the soccer kind) match at the city’s new stadium. They had better have their beer distribution in tip-top shape, dammit. Especially if there’s gonna be a thunderstorm.

* For non-Canadians, many in this fair land refer to household electricity services as ‘Hydro’, possibly even in provinces that are not dependent on hydroelectrics.

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