Thin Red Lines.


#100BM Day 26

A tweet came up this morning from a local radio station saying they were giving away prizes to folks who came down to their studio for a ‘Bollywood Dance lesson’.

I will not be going. I’m not so much into radio contests that require more than a retweet at this point. I’m rarely that enthusiastic about anything.*

But it did remind me of how, when I was 14, a now-defunct Top 40 station had a contest called “Waking up the Neighbourhood” (or something like that), where they’d call a participant and get them to go to their neighbour’s house and get them to come to the phone. The prize? Tickets to see Bryan Adams.


It was kinda dumb, and from listening every morning, I noticed the failure rate was kinda high, but my awkward, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves-lovin’ self tried to explain this to our then-single bachelor neighbour anyway. In a letter, because I was too embarrassed to do it face-to-face. ‘Cause it was important.

He agreed. But they didn’t call. Bah.

The thing is, I wasn’t even THAT into Bryan Adams (was way, WAY more into the Grapes of Wrath and REM by then), but I must remember to remind myself that yes, sometimes I did weird fangirl shit (like drawing elaborate Glass Tiger symbols, taking them to concerts, and trying to get security to give them to the band), instead of just rolling my eyes at One Direction fans who are just buying 87 zillion posters, seeing their movies 987 quadrillion times, etc.

But, the men of Glass Tiger weren’t exactly teenaged eye candy. We also liked Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise** over any actual teenagers of the day. Is there meaning in that? Or was there just not a Harry Styles equivalent for us?

Though, I guess we did watch Pump Up the Volume a helluva lot. Hell, I think we saw Kuffs in the theatre. *** Christian Slater being 20 was close enough, right?

And, because I can, again, here is a lovely bit of ‘Bob’s Burgers’.

Maybe if I had Louise’s moves, I’d be Bollywooding it up on Sparks Street right now to try to win…I don’t even remember anymore.


* Exception: Recently, I bought tickets on Omaze to win a trip to meet George Clooney and see a taping of Letterman because, c’mon.

** I used to straight-up fight with a friend about who was ‘cuter’, Mel or Tom. Turns out, we were both wrong.

*** We may have been the only ones in North America. Also, how creepy was it that Milla Jovovich was, like, 15 and playing dude’s Babymomma?

3 thoughts on “Thin Red Lines.

  1. Jackie

    Oh, you should never fight with your friends who like different celebs than you do – embrace this! It means you can trade all your C. Thomas Howell Tiger Beat photo page spreads for ones of Morten Harket!

    Or so I have heard.

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