Things more important than the size of my thighs.


I had an absolutely diabolically bad sleep, interrupted by a loudly purring feline (who insisted on sleeping curled up in my armpit), generalised anxiety, dreams where I angrily explained that Finnish is not at all like Norwegian, and big trucks pulling up to finish (I hope?) the roadworks outside my house (a project that’s been going on since June – we finally have sidewalks after almost 6 months).

Given my crankiness in the face of a long work week as well, and my egregious navel-gazing of the last few days, here are some other things to look at instead of this place:

1. HUUMAA is an organization based in Finland that looks at the global implications of the drug trade, particular from a human rights perspective, in three different countries. A lot of their information isn’t surprising, but it’s damned troubling. And this isn’t even taking into account the drug wars in Mexico.

2. Mark Watson talks mental health (the other items he links to are very good) in light of the death of Gary Speed, one of those baffling, ‘but he had EVERYTHING’ kind of suicides that reminds the world that most people don’t understand clinical depression very well.

3. ‘Fair trade’ might be less fair than you think.

4. Aalya Ahmad looks at the United Way in Canada and how they actually spend their money (probably not as charitably as you’d like).

5. Similarily, and this is not news, the Salvation Army is still anti-gay, so if you are not, maybe you should donate your spare change elsewhere. A lot of kids still run away from home because their parents/families are unwilling to accept their sexual orientation; a disenfranchised person living on the streets has enough to worry about without ‘helping’ organizations judging them for something they have no control over.

6. Finally, one slightly more fun thing, one of few people on Earth who has known me since infancy, the very talented Christine Leger, has organized Titty Talks, a show (this Thursday in Wakefield (at the Black Sheep, natch), and on Saturday at Bronson Centre in Ottawa) benefiting CARE Canada and The Wakefield Grannies.

One thought on “Things more important than the size of my thighs.

  1. Alison

    I am so glad I don’t work for United Way anymore. They were always kind of jerky to their staff, which bugged me, but their recent antics incense me.

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