Things that sound like Siberian dog breeds (if you’ve got blocked-up ears).


I have definitely promised myself (and my five readers) not to fall down on the daily part of Holidailies and, because I have never learned a lesson ever, I am doing the same again this year.

And I’m resurrecting, temporarily, that format I do when I don’t have much time or energy to do much more.

Like today!

Thing about my life
This morning, I learned that I am still incapable of not entirely losing my mind while on the phone with a customer service rep from a company that has done me wrong, but that talking to them on the bus prevents me from actually rage crying or swearing (much). Still got a lot of alarmed looks from other passengers, though.

Thing you might find interesting

Stolen from the History Channel (jeezus, Megan, how lazy are you?): 58 years ago today, 12 nations (including the Big Two of the era, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.) signed a treaty agreeing to keep Antarctica non-militarized ( Sure, some navy ships show up, but, at the time it was signed, one of the great ideas was to do weapons testing there. The treaty put a stop to such notions, and, to this day, Pingu is safe from nukes. Unless someone tells Trump that Pyongyang’s in Terre Adélie.

Thing you might find less interesting
James Cromwell’s father, the mostly theatre actor-director-writer John Cromwell, cohosted (with Bob Hope, obviously) the first nationally broadcast Academy Awards in 1945. Well, mostly he hosted the bits with the technical categories, but still. The elder Cromwell was later blacklisted for allegedly being a big ol’ Commie – he actually was just a bit of a leftie and supporter of FDR’s third term, but McCarthy and his ilk were not known for being reasonable.

Thing you might have missed in the news because of Trump, sexual predators, royal weddings and, I dunno, Kardashians? Are they still a thing?

The Church of Scientology may be down to as few as 20000 active members. I can’t wait until it’s just two, and Tom Cruise can’t figure out why his penthouse in Clearwater isn’t magically cleaning itself anymore.

Thing you might have missed in the news (in this case, months ago) that probably won’t lead to disaster

The Kinder Egg-less United States will have some plastic and chocolate joy from the Kinder Egg people, starting next month! But still no actual Kinder Eggs. (60000 of them are confiscated at customs every years.)

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