Time management.


(Holidailies #8)

Having an utterly incompetent week. Forgetting even to make lists of things to do so that I don’t forget anything. My Christmas bonus is probably shrinking day by day as I display my lack of skills even further.

Example of thoughtlessness #873: I forgot my glasses this morning. A morning when I was proofreading and rechecking showtimes in tiny print.


Ow, my freakin' eyes.

In the better news file, my 70-year-old aunt took her first selfie (not posting it here as she’s a pretty private person) to show off the scarf/neckwarmer I made her. Adorable.

I don’t usually send more than a card, but I was inspired by some gorgeous cerulean and green yarn I saw in a shop and knew I needed to make her something with it. I actually got it made and in the mail before her birthday and everything. So, one organizational victory in a (two) week(s) of defeat.

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