Tookie and Squeegee.


Made food for lunches this week (spinach soup (I made vegan roux, y’all), chicky tuna salad for sandwiches, beet salad with toasted sesame dressing), did an hour-long yoga practice (beginner-style – I really will never be flexible or patient, will I?), did laundry, won pub quiz (WHICH FINALLY HAD A MONKEES SONG IN IT) in a tie-break. So, y’know, good Sunday.

Which is excellent, because this week is gonna be a brutal one. The cinema sold out a show yesterday for the first time in more than two years and I don’t think the busyness will end until Dame Maggie makes her exit from our screen on Thursday. But yay for continuing employment! CINEMA IS NOT DEAD.

Today in Gilmore Girls: Madeleine and Louise have really popular Instagram accounts, but no one really know where the money for their constant Cote d’Azur and Maldivian holidays come from, nor who any of the men in their photos are.

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