Toothbrush moustaches.


#100BM Day 63
I am going to the Edinburgh Fringe later this month, a couple of weeks into the festival, when all the comedians are exhausted and miserable and/or slap happy and/or have been drunk for a fortnight straight. Should be fun.

Not sure how I’ll be able to afford to eat, but eh. I’ll have a kitchen. Maybe my budget will extend to a giant sack of oatmeal.

I’m a bit sad that the overtaxed Richard Herring won’t be doing his Edinburgh Fringe podcast (or as all the cool(?) kids call it, RHEF) because I love loved listening to it, but it’s totally understandable. The Fringe is madness. Performing one show daily is hard, doing two (he always has a stand-up show) is lunacy.

But I do recommend listening to past years’ episodes, particularly those with Susan Calman, Al Murray, Dave Gorman, and Sarah Millican.

I recommend them with caution, however, as I’ve been recently reminded that a lot of the stuff I love is not that relatable to others, even among close friends with whom I generally share a sense of humour. Not because I’m a special snowflake of greater intellectual aptitude, but because I’ve immersed myself in it far more than the average North American fan of British comedy.


Anyhoo, listen and enjoy?

Here’s a thing I like.

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