Tracks on Tiger Milk.


A rough quiz today. In the previous contest, back in July because no Ottawans were available on August long weekend, I had tied the Trivia Guru of Ottawa for the first time. Today, he asked if this was the month I had finally beaten him. Not even close; I was 15 points behind.

I’m nearly always the top Canadian woman in these contests, and have been the best female in the country in the World Quizzing Championships, so that’s something to brag about a bit, but most efforts to, y’know, learn everything (many of which have been detailed here) haven’t gotten far. When I am overwhelmed and/or feeling pressured, I tend to shut down and play video games or bake cookies instead. (Another reason my house is a shambles.)

So I am setting smaller goals, making more lists and charts of things, and getting on with it without stressing so much. I am making use of my ‘stuff to look up later’ notebook more often (thought not actually looking said things up as frequently as maybe I should). By 2029, I may have made some progress. By 2047, aged 70, I could be an Egghead. That’s not so bad, right?

Makes for a boring montage in the film of my life, though.


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