(Another phone blog. It is far too nice outside to be at my computer right now. Also, I am downtown having rushed out to have my conjoined eyebrow separation surgery, so I am not near a real keyboard anyway.)

Today is about the late September tradition of turning chocolate stout cake into cupcakes, for, it is written*, ‘One shall accept no other birthday cupcakes, ever, from anyone, really.’

Cupcake dispensers notwithstanding (also, ew), the cupcake thing has mostly been ‘over’ for a good while, and thank goodness. I mean, I like a good cupcake as much as anyone, but most of the bakery ones I’ve had lately are only middling** and definitely not worth having a whole shop dedicated to their creation. That might be one of the other reasons ‘2 Broke Girls’ makes me so fucking angry.

To be honest, I make them more often than cakecake because of portability issues. I am terrible at decorating, so icing that many wee things stresses me out a lot (causing the ganaching of teeth***). I should make tiny, glazed loaf cakes instead. Far less pressure.

*Somewhere in a saved Google Talk log

**I make an exception for Auntie Loo’s.

***I am so sorry.

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