#100BM Day 10

Three things that happened yesterday:

  1. Got into an argument disagreement about whether people use sounds as phone notifications anymore.  (OF COURSE THEY FUCKING DO.)
  2. Tried to figure out how to turn the idea of a lawsuit against a George Washington Carver-themed summer camp for not accommodating children with peanut allergies into… something. A terrible comedy sketch, probably.*
  3. Started researching marathon training plans. So that might be an actual thing now.  Eep.  Will reassess post-half in May.

*A former neighbour of mine from I lived in Brum was, last I heard, touring the States AS George Washington Carver, doing history lessons and theatre pieces in schools and for community groups. I totally thought he’d be a White House Spokesman or a senator by now, but I think this situation is probably better/fucking great

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