#100BM Day 5.

Had a dream that my grandmother was still alive and I had to go visit her after cancelling a hastily planned wedding. She lamented that she was never going to have great-grandchildren.

Either dream grandma is a jerk or far more senile than my real-life one because she had already had four great-grandchildren when she died. Fairly sure their photos were on her fridge.

I guess that means I was her favourite after all!

Also, ouch.

My boss is buying me a new work computer, which is bonkers because my current one doesn’t have any big problems, aside from the unupgradability of stuff because my OS is long out of date.

But he wants me to do more work related to the actual layout of our program guide and I need a computer that can handle a big, expensive piece of publishing software. No, not InDesign, the other one. He says he’s too old to learn something new. Bah.

Sunday is the last day to sponsor my friend Matt’s ‘Living Archives’ theatre piece called The ‘Tashme Project’. They are mounting a production in Montréal in a couple of months. Check it out if you can!

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