#100BM Day 38

Oh hi! This post is coming from beneath a pile of papers that I have been hoarding for years because I am an utter failure at adulting. I have to do more than one year’s taxes to catch up. I am already overwhelmed, even though e-filing is a cinch.

Feel free to judge, but please do so silently ’cause I’ve already made it through denial (years of it), anger (at myself – OK, maybe not entirely over it), and at least one of the other two things and have now accepted that I have a heap of work to do and my usual, unhelpful method of shutting my eyes, sticking my fingers in my ears, and humming ‘Banana Phone’ like the child I am.

If anyone knows what I did with the receipt from my first dental appointment of 2013, please let me know, though. I have two weeks to wade through this shit.

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