Uisge beatha.


Ottawa’s in a Level 2 drought. All the leaves (and grass and…dirt?) are brown and the sky is blue. We’be barely had any rain since mid-June. The Jock River was at 3% of its normal flow. There have been several grass fires in the area, which is pretty unusual in our neck of the woods.

As a result, there is not watering ban on because of the risk of fire from strat cigarette butts and kids with magnifying glasses.

I’ve been watering my garden with recycled dehumidifier water in the very early morning or late evening, but haven’t bothered with the lawn, such as it is, out front. Neither have many of our neighbours. I don’t have much patience for lawns, so perhaps they don’t either.

The neighbours (and by that I mean folks who live nearish me, not just folks in my street) who do water their front yards usually do so for hours in the night, all sneakily, but kinda wisely ’cause it means more less immediate evaporation, and frequently end up soaking the sidewalk and road until puddles form. This drives me bananas. For weeks I was pondering taking photos to shame these people. I decided not to be (too big) a dick and abstained. In part because Richard asked ‘And what purpose would that serve?’. I didn’t actually have a good answer.

However, en route home from a truly horrific night of Euchre*, I saw this, outside a government building near Carling and Rochester (or Booth).


Lake almost bigger than Dow's at this point.

There was no way to bike this without getting a fairly thorough shower. Several sprinklers were on, watering a narrow strip of grass. One, located where lawn met pavement, was oscillating, but in the direction of the sidewalk. It was a lot of water, especially for grass that was already pretty green and healthy.


Oh, of course! Asphalt needs water to grow!

Bad form, y’all, bad form. Not at all impressed with Agriculture/Agri-Food and/or their landlords. Do your bit and reset your bloody sprinklers. Oh, and help the rest of us pray that today’s predicted rain actually happens. We’ve had literally dozens of fakeouts in the last few weeks and we’re all sick of it.

*(Kirk and I lost four games in a row. I think I won five tricks total and called three times, getting Euchred once.)

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  1. Hellcat13

    Heh. I’ve been walking in the evenings and I was judging all my neighbours with lush green lawns, all “WHO WASTES WATER IN A DROUGHT??” Then I got schooled by that Ottawa Citizen article that said “please please please water your lawns so the city doesn’t burn down.” Learn something new everyday. Now I mentally high-five the green lawn neighbours. (But yes, no need to water the street, thanks.)

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