Undergrounds under the wire.


(Holidailies Day #14.)

This is a gross one. And it’s five minutes to midnight. So it’s quality reading indeed.

Several years ago, we had a couple of floods at work because of grease being poured down the drain at the adjacent restaurant. Fat is pretty solid in cold, sewery places and the result of a blockage is absolutely disgusting; the horrific stench takes days to leave one’s nostrils physically, longer mentally/spiritually.

You may have heard about the fatbergs in London in the last few years; apparently, the fact that one the size of a 747 was found in Shepherd’s Bush earlier this fall has done nothing to help alleviate the greasy-related pressures on the sewer system.

This isn’t just a London problem. British water suppliers have to put out alerts to ask people not to put cooking fat down the drain over the holiday season.

There are 400000 blockages per year in Scotland alone.

To which I say, fucking ew. And what the hell are y’all thinking? And what is your obsession with wet toilet wipes? Good lord, Dawn (O’)Porter has a lot to answer for.

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