Urinal cake manufacturing.


I know this avocado/guacamole obsession is driven by PMS and it being avocado season in local supermarkets, but I am becoming very green and fat, but happy. So happy.

I’m too tired to even go find my glasses, so I’m typing this with one eye closed. I literally got home from work and the gym about 15 minutes ago, inhaled some chili, with more guac, turned into ersatz burritos, and am now 100% ready to go to bed. So I’m gonna do that.

But! Since I’m not sure he saw my silly Instagramming, a very happy birthday my older brother, Janós!

(Steph already saw my message, but happy birthday again to her too.)

Today in trivia: I came in 7th in North America in the past year’s ‘season’ of the Hot 100. But the rankings are organised strangely, with no real accounting for how many of the 12 quizzes you’ve written. I’ll take it, though!

Also, Paul Sinha posted a link to a recent charity quiz by the Quiz League of London. Holy crapping poops. A couple (at least) world champion quizzers were there, so he had to make it tricky. But I got 25/100 and feel pretty sucky.

Today in Gilmore: Colin and Finn are married to each other. All their drunken idiocy was related to being deeply, deeply closeted, and they realised their true feelings after joking about adopting Logan after his seriously dumbass cliff diving mishap (or whatever).

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