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Thinking about projects to work on that are a bit more important than blogging. WHAT, you say? But you’re a genius! You’ve been blogging for 180 days in a row! Why quit now?

Well, I might not, but there are actually more productive things to do on the Internet. I KNOW. It’s crazy, right?

So, y’all have heard of Wikipedia and consult it about 800 times a day like I do, right? Have you ever written anything for it? Me neither. I’ve updated a few articles on it (all pop culture-related – like indicating who won that week’s ‘Have I Got News For You’ or that Sarah Polley was no longer married, for example), but not written anything from scratch.

I was listening to Q on Wednesdsay (shocking, that) and heard an interview with Sarah Stierch, who works at The Smithsonian Archives’ and is a Community Fellow at Wikimedia. She explained how she helps organizes marathon editing session for women, mostly to write about women in science, because of the number of articles re. women ANYTHING is relatively low, possibly because only 9% of contributors to Wikipedia are women.

9%. That’s ridiculous. We can and should do better than that. The question is how?

I don’t know much about women in science, but I know things, including how to do research, so maybe I should get more involved, right? As soon as I figure out my niche (I think popular culture is more than covered over there), I’m gonna get cracking.

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