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#100BM Day 69 (I won”t resort to immature joking. The whole notion is unfathomably topsy-turvy.)

Turns out that my slow leakin’, always flat when I had to leave for work (insert lack-of-morning-wood joke here) tube/wheel was the result of cheap, years-old rim (heh) tape peeling JUST enough to put pressure on the tube (heheh… wait, what?).

Robin Williams died today. A great loss to comedy. I am sad about it, but instead of crying, I am finding the dirtiness and humour in more things. I never met him, obviously, as my tenuous links with fame have never extended that far, but I feel like, despite depression being no laughing matter, it’s what he would want from all of us.

My first non-TV Ontario/PBS TV memory (aside from my dad watching ‘Barney Miller’, which was slightly over a four-year-old’s head) is a hazy one of his manic (apparently coked up) presence on ‘Mork & Mindy’. Since we didn’t have HBO in the Great White North, we would rent the available-in-Canada Comic Relief VHS tapes semi-regularly; the man had a giant, generous (pig-enhanced) heart.  One of the first truly great grown-up movies I remember seeing at a cinema without an adult is The Fisher King. I definitely saw it in the theatre, probably with Ruth, possibly with Rachel, both of whom might read this and remember better than I do. I feel like I should watch it again this week.

I can’t say that I followed his recent career all that closely, though apprently there is a ‘Louie’ I need to see) but here is the last time I remember him bringing me to tears of laughter (in the beginning bit), then he tops it off by being a lovely, devoted dad. Dark, sweet, and very, very funny. Just how I likes it.

PS Less-than-PC Comic Relief clip which somehow helped shape my own comic mind. Oy vey.

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