Vanilla-almond chip dip.


Skipped two days writing, but have not fallen off the vegan wagon at all yet. I have eaten my weight in guacamole and refried beans over the last two days, which might just be what I eat for every meal if I can figure out how to afford avocados every day from now until the end of time.

I have changed my mind, and virtually guaranteed an early spring, by buying a bus pass after all. I panicked! There’s a winter storm with another foot of snow expected! It’s -16C right now! I am a wimp!

Big ups to Mark Rylance for being the only great thing in Bridge of Spies and for ruining every single Oscar pool on the planet.

Gilmore Girls theories Al’s Pancake World becomes the talk of the hipster culinary scene after it invents the macroburrito, an almond and corn croissant filled with carnitas. In a fit of pique, Sookie runs away from her family, and her livelihood, because she is so upset about not engineering one first. She hasn’t been heard from in years.

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