#100BM Day 24. In case you missed it, BM stands for ‘benign mundanity‘. ‘Cause life is like that.

Today’s yin and yang: I watched a truly great little movie called We Are the Best! (which, delightfully, in Swedish is Vi Är Bäst!).

It made me cringe at how awful being 13 years old can be, and how ridiculous all 13-year-olds are. It had some terrible music, corny parents, lots of humanity, and loads of heart. But wasn’t actually sappy. And that’s great.

The audience really seemed to like it too.

All 20 of them.

I had been championing this movie long before seeing it because I loved the films Fucking Åmal (which I saw at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 1999, with the baffled director in attendance – he said the UK audience laughed in almost entirely different places than Swedish ones) and Together by the same director, and this was tipped as a ‘return to form’ after a decade of increasingly difficult and experimental work about human trafficking and pornography.

I couldn’t have been more excited.

I aggressively pursued opportunities for ticket giveaways with local businesses and even an organization that teaches girls how to rock (seriously, they’re awesome). They all were wonderful about getting the word out. This is much more effort than I have put into promoting any one film in the last year. And since our local paper no longer has a film reviewer, we have to work harder.

And yet? The busiest show over the five days the film played still had about 70 people.

I’m just glad there wasn’t a minimum payment involved.*

Some days, trying to tell anybody about something great is like shouting off a cliff with 9000000 other people. So much noise, so many echoes, that people can’t hear. Or don’t care to listen.

Or the audiences for movies about angst Swedish teenaged punks really is as limited as my boss thought. I really had wanted to prove him wrong about that.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow**, or maybe two months from now, someone will send an email or tweet and ask if we’ll be playing it again.

Then my head will actually pop right the fuck off my body and explode into a million pieces.

* Yes, this is a thing. And yes, we do get dinged for it on occasion.

** I’d say ‘sorry’, but my mother told me not to lie.

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