#100BM Day 367

Did not post yesterday. Was composing a post in my head while biking home, then this happened and I got distracted.*

Since my laundry had been hanging outside, and basically looked like it had been in a river, I have put off packing until tonight.

I should have spent last night making lists of what to bring, but nope. I ended up making a giant bowl of pasta and going to bed early.

We leave tomorrow for the sea.

The sea might come inland to meet us.**

And that’s fine. If we have to batten down hatches, I’ll have good company for it.

I don’t know about the others, though. Heh.

* Yes, it may be hard to believe, sometimes I plan these entries. A little bit.

**Coincidentally, one of my mother’s nicknames for me was Arthur. IS THAT A SIGN?!***


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