(Holidailies Day #28-3.)

Dropped the ball a lot this Holidailies. I can only apologise.

It seems dumb to write today even; I am a bit raw right now because I just heard that a longtime internet friend (we’re talking 15-ish years), with whom I share a camaraderie if only because we both have slightly silly postgraduate degrees from UK institutions that we really couldn’t afford, suddenly lost her husband today. I feel like *I* got punched, even though this is a person I’ve never met in meatspace. M. is a tough cookie and she and her wee boy will get through this, but I just wish they didn’t have to.

But I will post a brief fact, though not one that I learned organically. But it fits, because these are bike people.

TIL: There are contraptions called dicycles. They are pretty stupid-looking, andprobably fairly pointless, but I kind of want to ride in one anyway, especially if it looks like the one on the cover of Popular Science here.

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