#100BM Day 91

Today was a pretty great day. Saw Spy (super fun, delighted whenever Peter Serafinowicz is involved, so it was an extra special surprise that he was in it) at the VIP cinema with Rachel, which was great. Sangria at the movies should always be a thing. We will probably do it again because even though it’s super premium priced, it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon.

And then? Our first trivia victory in eons. We have enough gift certificates for a feast next time around, so a drowning-in-onion-rings incident is my near-future. YASS.

I also went for a detour-y bike ride in between those two events and saw some of the first baby floofs/geese I’ve seen this season.

Tomorrow brings a blood donation appointment and a really long work day, so that’ll balance out today just fine.

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