Vignettes (Take 2).


I’ve been saying for years that we really shouldn’t elect people who are good at spin, or folksy, or ‘just like us’. Politicians need to be smarter than regularly people, have a legitimate passion for public service, and be very, very competent. I feel like I’m yelling this into the abyss (or at Euchremates in a crowded pub) quite often.

Luckily, this is one of the many things discussed by Caitlin Moran and Tim Minchin in this week’s Friday Night Comedy Podcast. Definitely worth a listen.

Speaking of Euchre and wisdom (of a sort), Kirk didn’t play with us last night because he had gone to his weird little hometown for a wedding. With an open bar. I’m surprised that’s legal in that community, considering all we’ve been told about that place. I mean, ‘when gonorrhea comes to town, it COMES to TOWN.’

Been thinking about my dad a lot of late. I might write a (possibly) tear-soaked longer entry later on, if I can collate my thoughts properly, but he died 30 years ago this year, and would have turned 70 if, y’know, that first bit hadn’t happened.

Last week, he came up in a conversation about waste disposal, of all things. My dad, who attended Kent State for two years (?) in the very early 1960s, paid his tuition by working as a garbageman during the summer. It paid pretty well. He was also the only white guy on the crew, which I find interesting – how integrated was Cleveland, OH (and Maple Heights, which I imagined as being like Hill Valley in Back to the Future when my dad was young, though I think it might be more like Flint, MI now)? Obviously more than the South, but I wish I had some way of knowing what it was like, how his friends/family reacted, etc.

Here’s a nice thing about ants that Richard told me about this morning (he is a very big fan of ants). It’s fascinating stuff and not too sciencey for the not-science-brained.

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