Spent a big chunk of today playing with my new heat gun, stripping off paint from the hardwood banister/balusters/etc. as part of a quest to tart up the house a bit in ways I can afford until I amass some cash to do more expensive work. I can’t stay here forever, after all, but I have to live here for now. And there are things I could do to like it a bit more.

However, my little paper masks didn’t stay on very well, then I thought ‘this dinky thing is no match for layers of decades-old lethal paint’, and then I saw that the internet said ‘PAPER MASKS ARE NOT ADEQUATE FOR REMOVING LEAD PAINT’, so I am stopping until I can pick up one of these bastards in the morning.

I also painted the inside of the front door (not-so-nice wood) purplish because I need a little more Grimace in my life. And because I had some left over from the kitchen rebuild post-flood. It’ll horrify some of the old ladies I know, but eh; I’m the modern kind of spinster and if I want my house to look like Violet Beauregarde’s face, so be it.


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