Vindictive venues.


(Holidailies #4)

Are you in Ottawa on Wednesday? Come see me in my cinematic début (and swan song), where I play a mischievous (and…deadly?) circus tent! Yes, you read that right! Yes, it is weird! No, I won’t give away what the hell is going on, but I will tell ya that I had two stunt doubles!* Here’s a trailer from an Indiegogo campaign earlier this year that I can barely watch because I don’t want to see my smarmy ‘acting’ face!

INDIGOGO Murder… At The CIRCUS! from Lesley Marshall on Vimeo.

This was actually filmed five years ago, but funding and timing and postproduction were complicated things. I am legit terrified of seeing it, even though I’m just a tiny part in it and I know everyone else involved has some kind of talent (and performing and/or filmmaking ambition). And I want to support their work (as I hide from my own). So I will go. And panic. And drink too much of a Wednesday evening And sink down in my seat whenever I appear. And try very hard to have fun, I swear.


*A papier mâché head on a stick and doll.

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