It’s one of those days where I have a lot of work to do. Weeks, really. I’m already at my desk and have been for a wee while. Trying to get into the habit of coming in earlier for the summer because it’s already brutally hot by 10:30 some mornings.

Not this one, mind, as it’s pissing down rain.

I had a strange dream where I was in somewhere vaguely Eastern European (inspired by Euro 2012, I guess) where I was kinda famous, in that everyone seemed to recognize me and attempted to speak to me in English. Made me feel special.

Speaking, sort of, of Eastern Europe, watched highlights of Croatia-Ireland on Sunday night, without the sound on since we were in a bar, and kept thinking ‘This city looks familiar’. Well, duh, they were playing on Poznań, so of course it did. Should have noticed Cathedral Island. And the fact that it looks like that place I spent hours and hours walking around in November. Sheesh.

Anyway, time to get lost in document merges, to protect the hopes and dreams of the cinema.

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