Waffling productively.


I fell out of love with running a bit this summer, signed up for a half-marathon in September anyway, then regretted it immediately.

Last year, I did a 100km fundraising bike ride called Ride the Rideau. Begging friends to sponsor me (I had to raise a minimum of $1500) was the hardest part of preparing for it, so this year I opted to volunteer. Sponsoring cancer research, especially one based locally that’s making huge strides, is really important to me. When I signed up to volunteer, I said I wanted to be a Ride Guide, meaning, more or less, a person who is a bit like a pace bunny in a running race, but, more importantly, also someone who looks out for trouble, who encourages people to keep going, and offers support to those having a rough time. The organizers told me it was unlikely that I’d be accepted, since far more experienced riders had signed up en masse.

Fair enough. I figured I’d be scooping scrambled eggs at the pre-ride breakfast or working at the gear check-in instead. That would have been fine.

Except, I was accepted in the end. I found out at the beginning of last week. The event is in three weeks.

Since I have never fallen out of love with cycling, I am going to do it. And I am downgrading my Army Run race to a 5K and signing up for a 10K in October (probably). Running in cool weather is nicer, anyway.

The anaemia has slowed me down a fair bit all-around (I have been sleeping so, so much, despite lingering insomnia), so I am not displeased that I’ve been assigned the 15-20km/h group for the ride. I can handle that, no problem (knocking wood), even if it is for six hours.

As a volunteer, I don’t have a sponsorship page, and have no obligation to raise money, but if you have a few spare bucks, as I don’t, you can donate to the cause here.

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  1. Erica

    That’s WONDERFUL, Megan! You do genuinely love being on the bike, and you’ll be doing a familiar course for a cause that’s close to your heart, so I have no doubt that you’ll make an excellent Ride Guide.

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