Waiting ’til there’s more.


The only infomercially thing I have ever purchased was a set of ShamWows (actually bought via the Home Shopping Channel, which might be even sadder, but it was on a friend’s mum’s recommendation, so…wait, maybe that makes it saddest?), but there is almost nothing more delightful than the dumbass ‘problems’ that people in Infomercials have before whatever rip-off-y, magical product is introduced into their lives.

So, because the internet is not distracting enough on a work day, check out some of these gifs and chortle at your superiority over people who can’t eat a hot dog properly, or try to figure out what the hell is actually going on in the (moving picture), or delight in how fun it might be to ‘act’ in one of these things and figure out how to not crack an egg properly in at least three different ways (a spoon? really?).

Also, watch this before it gets taken down by the grouchy and litigious Mr Morrissey.

(I slept in this morning.)

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